Gyokucho Japanese Saws From Workshop Heaven

Last week I received my first order from Workshop Heaven which consisted of a set of 4 Gyokucho Japanese Saws (Kataba, Ryoba, Dozuki, Kugihiki) and an Okeya White Paper Kasaya Marking Knife and I must say I am very impressed with their service, as I am just starting out I had lots of questions and Matthew was very helpful in answering them.

The set of four Gyokucho Japanese saws will cover cross-cutting and sheet materials, ripping and resawing, dovetailing tenons and fine joinery, and flush cutting. The Japanese Kogatana knife is a dedicated marking knife for fine woodworking with a laminated blade less than 1.5mm thick.

Gyokucho Japanese Saws

Posted on 10th July 2018 by Alan