What is Kumiko?

Kumiko woodworking is a traditional Japanese woodworking technique involving intricate patterns and designs using thin pieces of wood that are carefully cut, fitted, and joined together without using nails or glue. The method is most commonly used in constructing shoji screens, latticework, and other decorative elements in traditional Japanese architecture. The term “Kumiko” refers to […]

Posted on 3rd February 2023

Premium Kumiko Jig Kits from ProWoodUkraine

While searching through Instagram for Kumiko patterns, I came across some exciting Jig kits from ProWoodUkraine. Their premium Kumiko starter kit provides you with everything you need to make your Kumiko. The kit includes a stand with great features like clamping screws that firmly hold the chisels in place and magnets holding the Kumiko blocks […]

Posted on 30th July 2021

Making Kumiko Strips

Bau-Woodworks shows how to make Kumiko Strips the fast and easy way. In this 15 minute video, he shows you how to cut the Kumiko strips for the Japanese latticework.

Posted on 17th July 2021

Shoji and Kumiko Design: Book 4 Diamond Patterns by Desmond King

Book 4 Diamond Patterns is the fourth book in the Shoji and Kumiko Design series, and follows on seamlessly from Book 3 Hexagonal Patterns. In this book, Des King gives detailed instructions on making 31 stunning patterns

Posted on 30th July 2020

Kumiko Kits From Bau-Woodworks

Jumpstart your Kumiko making with the perfect kit for starters. All the jigs you need, enough pre-milled and cut material for your first square.

Posted on 24th July 2020

The Art of Kumiko: Learn to Make Beautiful Panels by Hand

Matt Kenney’s latest book offers step-by-step instructions for 10 patterns. Also included are cutting diagrams for several original decorative wall panels.

Posted on 8th April 2020

Making a Small Parts Planing Jig

Marty Backe constructs a jig for hand planing small stock to precise and repeatable thickness.

Posted on 31st July 2018

Workshop Heaven Summer Sale

For the month of July (2018) Workshop Heaven is having a Summer Sale.

Posted on 18th July 2018

Gyokucho Japanese Saws From Workshop Heaven

First order from Workshop Heaven and I must say I am very impressed with their service.

Posted on 10th July 2018

Making Kumiko Strips Using Only Hand Tools

Making Kumiko strips out of basswood using only hand tools.

Posted on 5th July 2018

Kumiko Asanoha Pattern

Based on regular hexagons, the Asanoha pattern is a geometric motif which resembles a hemp leaf and currently one of the most popular traditional designs.

Posted on 29th June 2018

Shoji and Kumiko Design: Book 3 Hexagonal Patterns by Desmond King

Shoji and Kumiko Design: Book 3 Hexagonal Patterns is the third and final book in the Shoji and Kumiko Design series by Desmond King.

Posted on 26th June 2018

Shoji and Kumiko Design: Book 2 Beyond the Basics by Desmond King

In Shoji and Kumiko Design Book 2 Beyond the Basics, Des King continues on from where he finished with Book 1 The Basics and takes instruction in shoji patterns and Kumiko art to the next level.

Posted on 26th June 2018

Japanese Hand Saws

A set of three beautifully accurate Gyokucho Japanese hand saws. This set will cover cross-cutting and sheet materials, ripping and resawing, dovetailing tenons and fine joinery, and flush cutting.

Posted on 25th June 2018

Kumiko Wall Art: Japanese Woodworking

Mike Farrington shares how he creates Kumiko inspired Wall Art.

Posted on 21st June 2018

Mike Pekovich’s Go-To Work Holding Jigs

Planning stops and saw hooks add speed and accuracy to your handwork

Posted on 21st June 2018

Making Kumiko

A blog post by Jon Billing of Bigs and Woodworking shares his method for making Kumiko.

Posted on 20th June 2018

How to Make Kumiko Jigs

Find out how to make adjustable Japanese Kumiko jigs.

Posted on 16th June 2018

Shoji and Kumiko Design: Book 1 The Basics by Desmond King

Kumiko patterns enhance the uniqueness and charm of shoji, and Des King introduces different kinds of patterns and provides detailed instructions on how to make each.

Posted on 13th June 2018

Kumiko Box Test Fit

In this video, Vipul shows himself test fitting a small Kumiko box.

Posted on 9th June 2018

Making a Japanese Kumiko Box

Vipul Patel demonstrates making a walnut box with the Kumiko Asanoha pattern.

Posted on 9th June 2018